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Our Architecture Rating services are way ahead and above all rivals in terms of assessment criteria, ranking parameters, scope, accuracy, and completeness.


We have evaluated and rated over 1,000 projects and solutions across 40 plus countries in the last 14 years.


It makes us one of the most trustworthy and respected Architecture Rating systems for the customers.

Discover the Architecture
& Rating Difference.

recommended by top project directors

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Identify Mistakes and Gaps that Cause Failure

A large project with multiple stakeholders and features is bound to have several failure points, architecture helps us to focus on them one by one diligently, empowers with logic, process, and execution insight for successful outcomes.

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Information Mining - Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Information

Data gathering is an important step in ensuring effective rating and assessment. Our questions, checklist, templates, process, video interactions, and evaluation parameters provide a solid structure for arriving at decisions based on data rather than intuition.


Rating Based On Use Cases- Just What You Needed

Our rating reports will assess the solution and readiness of models to fulfill the business and technology-based on use cases (scenarios). We have replaced the checklist with questions and answers format. This enables us to understand the context and gain the necessary insight into the problem and solution

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Findings and Reports,
The Solution

Our assessment will identify the strength as well as lapses and flaws for the identified scenarios. You can make note of the gaps and follow the process to make necessary corrections by refining or creating necessary models. These findings will serve as benchmark for improvements

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Step into Light with Corrections and Outcomes

As you gather the result of rating, you can prioritize the action items. As you will start creating the new models or refine the existing ones, you will learn new relationships among the elements. The more you learn, your models will be more effective. As you start to see the success and more value, try to share it with leaders of other projects.

Six Perspective, Six Variables, and The Magic of Dependencies

Redefine Complexity with Six Perspectives & Six Variables

Enterprise Perspectives

In order to manage complexity, it's important to re-define it in terms of six stages of transformation outside your brain. 

There are six perspectives for every enterprise, business department, or a software system. These are strategy, processes, systems, technology, implementations, and operation.

Each perspective will be refined using six enterprise variables (function, rules, processes, network, data, time)


RATING service

It provides a confidential architecture rating and assessment for a project /solution to fulfill intended business objectives. 

The rating is based on project use cases / scenarios related to business goals, business process, system capability, technology maturity, implementation effectiveness and operational excellence. 



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