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Healthcare Solutions

Enterprise Anatomy has driven Healthcare Solutions to
delivery services consistently and efficiently

Enterprise Anatomy: Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solution

Patient Experience

Deliver Patient Excellence, ease of use, low cost, easy access 


Digital Solutions

Orientation to digitize the Hospital service for customers.

reduce cost.png

Reduce Costs

Reduction in project costs, better insight to scope of proposed changes


Time to Response

Reduce the amount of time it takes to gather information, understand, strategize, & create service changes.


Managing Resources

Reduce the amount of time and domain experts required for impact assessment

portal solution.jpg

Portal Solution

Support the future growth of Healthcare Services


New Revenue Services

New services can be delivered quickly and with fewer resources  


Market Penetration

Reaching out to new customer segment


Improving Health Facilities

Easy and efficient processes to manage health facilities and logistics

Enterprise Anatomy: Technical Solutions

Technical solution

Digital Interactive Facilities

How to add and modify digital facilities to the Customers for better engagement


Health Information Exchange

Securely share patient's medical info


Facilities Management

Practise and operation management


Infrastructure Upgrade

Technology is a critical part in banking industry, so as the Technology "Change"


Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Medical and clinical data management

Apply Enterprise Anatomy One Project at a Time

Challenges & Opportunities (Project)



Understand business challenges and technology challenges.

Find Business & Technology Elements



Using deconstruction techniques, discover & define strategy, process, system, technology, implementation and operational elements.

Create  Enterprise Anatomy



All the elements are connected across perspectives as well as six variables ( data, function, network, role, time, rules)

Create Custom Solutions from Enterprise



Create new business and solution on the fly by reusing architecture elements

Why Enterprise Anatomy

Winners of ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards

Every year ICMG recognizes the work of Enterprises in Healthcare, Pharma sectors applying Enterprise & IT Architecture for business results.

Architecture Rating

Reach Us Before  Your Competitors Do

Fast track architecture rating for healthcare solutions

This service offering consists of applying ICMG’s Architecture Assessment Framework to arrive at the Ratings for Project / Solution Architecture. A comprehensive Rating Report is presented with recommendations for improvements

Architecture Ratings and awards for healthcare enterprises

Every year for the past 14 years, we have been holding Architecture Rating competitions and Awards Summits at Regional and Global Locations around the world. Many Fortune 100 companies have taken part in this program and benefited immensely. On-Site and Off-Site assessments of Project Architectures are carried out and Winners are presented with Awards at Regional and Global level.

workshop on digital architecture for healthcare enterprises

We conduct Architecture Workshops with a focus on case studies for Decision  Makers,  Architects,  and Business Process Owners.  You can attend a public session in /near your city.


This can be delivered in-house in a Custom Tailored Format

Discussion Forum- healthcare services

Forums provide an excellent opportunity for Industry Groups to raise Architecture related issues in a Peer environment and get Best Practice suggestions and also expert opinions from our Consultants.

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