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Why Digital Architecture With Zachman Framework? 
Did Somebody Say Models in PPT, Excel, UML, Visio? Will it make up the Enterprise Architecture?
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What is the right Framework for architecture workshop ?
By The Time My System Is Operational, Most Of The Models Are Outdated. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh How to Fix This?
What's Missing in Your Architecture Framework? How Did You Live Without It?


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Frequently asked questions

Why did you split the Digital Architecture Workshop into two levels?

Last year, we witnessed growing acceptance of ICMG Digital Architecure driven transformations as well as project execution. Idea of architecture as a single variable model is helping users to manage complexity in a way never imagined before. The idea of project anatomy as a basis for creating new solutions, has opened up new possibilities. The tasks that would take days are being done in hours. Thanks to feedback from the participants and practitioners, we are happy to offer, very popular and effective Digital Architecture Workshop by splitting into two levels. One advantage you will get is that it's now 16 hours for Level 1 (Essential) Program and eight hours of Level 2 (Practitioner). So, you can split that across one year, you don't have to go through 24 hours spread across 15 days in one go. Yes, you got it correctly, one can attend at 16 hours, take a break, practise the ideas and again after five or six months, you can come back and sharpen the edge further. Earlier, our program was more like only "Chief Architect" please . But, now you can have your team members, middle level managers, professional with with 10 years to 15 years or senior Tech Engineers from 8 to 15 years can attend the Level 1 Essential Program, it will, it is valuable to them. Earlier, we had only one program, so it doesn't matter what is your background, how much you want to know, what you don't know, we were teaching everything in one single go.

I have not completetd Digital Architecture Workshop Level 1 Essential, can I attend Digital Architecture Workshop Level 2 Practitioner?

Sorry, Digital Architecture Workshop Level 1 Essential program is pre-requisite to attend Level 2 program. Some of the modules discussed in the Essential programs like Module 1 : Enterprise & System Longevity Challenges & Opportunities Module 2 : Enterprise Elements to Manage System Complexity Module 3 : Digital Transformation with BPM, SOA, IoT, AI, RPA (One Project) Module 4 : How to create models for Digital Transformation using a common IT AnatomyThe above skills are must before you can understand and apply the Anatomy models for Digital Transformation (Enterprise Wide) Opportunities & Challenges.

Can I attend the Digital Architecture Essential program now and then may be after one month, can I take up Digital Architecture Practitioner program

Yes, one can attend at 16 hours, take a break, practise the ideas and again after five or six months, you can come back and sharpen the skills further.

Why Digital Architecture Workshop?

In the last years, a lot went down, and there is a good chance your team is stressed and looking to switch things up for the new year. As you head into 2021, what if there was a secret formula that would help you and your team accelerate Digital Transformation, improve productivity, maximize your use of existing IT assets for digital success and scale up project delivery and enterprise success in new ways Our team consisting of gobal experts in Enterprie Architecture and Architecture Rating with insight to over 1000 Architecture driven projects, has the formula and will share it with you during Digital Architecture Workshop, how it can be effectively used for products and solutions in your industry.


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