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Join ESAR-AG: A Pivotal Role in Shaping the Future of Strategy and Architecture

As someone deeply invested in the advancement of enterprise strategy and architecture, I am excited to share an enriching opportunity with you. Honorary membership of ICMG Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Rating Advisory Group (ESAR-AG) means not just being part of a group but actively shaping the future of our industry.

ESAR-AG's Involvement in Ratings & Awards

SARAG isn't just about discussions and networking. One of the key roles of ESAR-AG members is to participate in the prestigious Strategy and Architecture Rating & Award. This global event sets the benchmark for excellence in our field, and, as an ESAR-AG member, you will be at the heart of it.

Your Role in the Awards

  1. Jury Members: Many of you will serve as jury members, evaluating and deciding on the most innovative and impactful strategies and architectures. Your expertise will be crucial in recognizing the finest in our industry.

  2. Observers: Those particularly interested in the learning and analytical aspects can participate as observers. This role offers a unique vantage point to understand industry trends and standards.

  3. Assessors: As assessors, you will play a key role in the preliminary evaluation, bringing your insights to the forefront in determining which strategies and architectures set the bar for excellence.

Why Your Participation Matters?

  • Influence Industry Standards: Your judgments and evaluations will directly influence industry benchmarks and emerging trends.

  • Global Exposure: Participate in a platform that has a worldwide footprint, enhancing your professional visibility.

  • Peer Recognition: Collaborate with and be recognized by a community of your peers, all leaders in their respective areas.

Be Part of the Change with SARAG

The upcoming regional and global rounds of the Strategy and Architecture Rating & Awards are more than events; they are a testament to our field's innovation and growth. Your role as a ESAR-AG member in these events is not just an opportunity but a responsibility – to guide, recognize, and celebrate excellence in enterprise strategy and architecture.

Express Interest

To get invited to join the ICMG Strategy and Architecture Rating Advisory Group (ESAR-AG), individuals typically need to meet certain criteria and demonstrate their expertise in the field of enterprise strategy and architecture.

If you believe you meet the criteria and have valuable contributions to make, you can also express your interest in joining ESAR-AG directly to ICMG.

Your expertise and insight are invaluable to us. I look forward to the possibility of welcoming you to SARAG and together, leading the way in our industry.

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